End of Year : 4 photographers who made me pause in 2014

Throughout 2014 I have constantly come across many photographers whose work has made me pause and in turn inspired me in my own work and below I have have selected 4 photographers whose photographs have moved me most. After putting this selection of photographers together I realised they all use large format film cameras and in the case of Richard Learoyd a portable camera obscura, strange in this age of digital imaging. I think the reason I was drawn to their work was there is a degree of stillness, a care and deliberation in their making, a mediated image making in an era of the digital photographic deluge and the instant gratification of image as form of throw away momentary communication rather than that of a visual poetry and a exploration of deeper human experience that photography can capture and convey.

Hisaji Hara

© 2011 Hisaji Hara - A Study of the still lifes [http://hisajihara.com]

Victoria Sambunaris

© 2012 Victoria Sambunaris [http://victoriasambunaris.com]

Richard Learoyd

© 2013 Richard Learoyd  - The Outside World [http://fraenkelgallery.com/artists/richard-learoyd]

Michael Lundgrew

© Michael Lungrew - Transfigurations [http://michaeldlundgren.com/transfigurations]