Virtual Exhibition - Part One : The Selection

Photographs, Ben Dolman 2012

In an earlier blog I choose ten images that lead me to this point in my photographic practice, now the selection of ten images is for a virtual exhibition. I have been banging my head against the wall for the past four days thinking how I go about the selection. Should it be thematic, sequential, singular, by location, project based, defined by colour, composition, be conceptual, have a narrative, be abstract, or purely based by subject.

Up to this point in my photographic practice I have treated the taking of photographs and reviewing them as being in a flux where things group and uncouple by chance, images are revealed and then fade from trace. Nailing things down even to a virtual wall is hard as I have to define and make judgements, up until this point in my practice I have preferred the undefined. Still it is an exercise worth trying even if the conclusion is to reject self-curatorship and let someone else do the selecting and see why they choose certain images.

The easy option is to select a sequence of images from a defined project to create a linear narrative but I have chosen instead to try and find contrast and contradiction in the selection, that said I still needed some kind of structure, a structure that can carry and nurture different dialogues in some kind of coherent manner in a virtual white cube.

I have decided to go with groupings of three images and just one image on its own. Why groups of three images, the triptych. Three is a strong structure to hang work on and shape things within, it creates interesting visual and conceptual narratives, it allows for interruptions, counterpoints and tension. A triptych could be shot on location like my Encroachment piece on the opposite page or it could be a selection of similar photographs.

Encroachment Part One, Ben Dolman 2012

Encroachment Part Two, Ben Dolman 2012

Encroachment Part Three, Ben Dolman 2012

There is nothing wrong with the selection Encroachment but for this exercise I want to see if I can push the selection process and groupings that are made.

Group One : Man Made Land

Quarry, Ben Dolman 2011

Storage Tank, Ben Dolman 2012

Sugar Beet, Ben Dolman 2012

Group Two : Arcadia

Arcadia, Ben Dolman 2011

Path, Ben Dolman 2012

Arcadia, Ben Dolman 2012

Group Three - The Fens

Shit and Straw, Ben Dolman 2012

Farm - After Constable, Ben Dolman 2012

Horse, Ben Dolman 2012

The Single Image

House, Ben Dolman 2012