The Pearly Gates

Scraptoft Hall, Ben Dolman 2012

Chapter 9 - Photography: An Invented "Art"


Excerpt from What Art Is:
Nearly all writers who analyze the nature of photography concur with Rand in emphasizing the limitations of the photographer's role as compared to the painter's. Since photography is, as she stated, a "mechanical means of reproducing whatever is put in front of the camera," the photographer is constrained in both his choice of subject and his treatment of it. First, he can select his subject only from the actual objects and events accessible to him. Whereas a painter imaginatively "constructs" an image, [Susan] Sontag observes, a photographer merely "discloses" something that exists. In contrast with a work of art, which is created by its maker "on a 'blank slate' bit by bit over time," the photographic image is formed more or less instantaneously, by the action of light on a chemically sensitized surface. The photographer--unlike the composer, painter, sculptor, or poet--does not select and shape every minute detail of the work. [p. 182]
Supplement to What Art Is: The Esthetic Theory of Ayn Rand (Open Court, 2000) by Louis Torres & Michelle Marder Kamhi

Recently I was looking for some references to cognition and art and came across that had a paper by Michelle Marder Kamhi 'Art and Cognition: Mimesis vs.the Avant Gards' On the website there is a search field and I typed in Photography and I came across the text above.

The text it starts off with all writers, I am a practitioner , I have been a painter now I am a photographer and I am puzzled by the text above.

Here is another link : Is Photography Art? an excerpt from The Romantics Manifesto, by Ayn Rand

I was about to formulate an essay in response to Aristos and Ayn Rand who is a highly respected writer and creator of Objectivism but decided that bollocks no and no is succinct, why waste my time. People who decide what is and what is not art are nearly as bad a photographers who make lists of things not to do.