The Plan

Bus, Ben Dolman 2012

The intention behind THE PLAN is to provide some sort of structure for my two year part time Photography MA by research project at Nottingham Trent University. Normally I create plans such as these in my job as a technical tutor at the School of the Art Loughborough University for my technical and teaching roles but rarely do for my creative work. When I undertake a creative project it tends to be instinctual and structures are often found after the initial project which then inform subsequent work. It will be interesting to see if I follow the plan or subvert it.

The main project will be Hinterland with two side projects running concurrently in both years of the study as a backup if the main project runs out of stream and comes to an impasse but they also offer another creative avenue, narrative and pictorial insight.

Running along side are a host of other activities ranging from the reflective journal, technical challenges, submission to competitions and festivals, book making, web publication and general research and reading on the subject.

At the moment the plan is purely aspirational and it looks OK on paper but is it manageable or too conservative, all moderation's of the plan over the two years will be documented.